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I’m exhausted, worn, and in need of rest. Yes it’s physical, but it’s also more than that, it’s emotional, mental, and spiritual. It’s a deep unsettling weariness that a vacation cannot fix, a thunderstorm of questions that seem to drag my soul down. Yet, when I really look at this unrest, I see that I am a child holding all the burdens that I have been called to leave behind. I struggle and strain to hold on, tears filling my eyes as I try and prove who I am. But thank God for His kindness, that He does not scold me, instead He gets on my level, seeing me, eye to eye and heart to heart. He says to me “My child, this is not for you.” how I have heard these words over and over again, and yet He says them, and it pierces me. Christ has the scars to show us that the past is no longer etched on us, but on Him. That rest is found at His feet, listening to His voice, that same voice that awoke stars and galaxies, that made possible streams and mountains. Oh, yes, I am weak, but He brings me strength, because He is my strength.

Rest, see, and understand the goodness of Christ, for He wants you in no other place than by His side; and in no other place shall we find rest, than by the wounded side of Jesus.


Awake, and strengthen what remains is on the point of death. Revelation 3:2

I had the privilege to serve with @opendoorsyouth this weekend at #engage14, to hear the stories of brothers and sisters who have stood firm in their faith through persecution and suffering even to the point of death. I have been reminded of the power of prayer, not only for those who are being persecuted but also for those who persecute. For Paul himself was a persecutor of Christians before he met Jesus and then he became one of the greatest evangelists we read of in the New Testament. 

This morning we prayed for brothers and sisters in the middle east. We weren’t just praying for nameless people, for there were some in the group who personally had family and relatives amongst the unrest. My mind can’t comprehend the multitudes who have been displaced, but my heart can’t feel the pain of living each day with fear and without hope. #myheartbleeds for this. I long for the return of Christ and until He returns I will pray for and support my persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. #weareN

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Does Saltwater Heart make anyone else cry like idk??

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